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StrongDC++ is a free file sharing program that makes downloading files faster. Many users will find StrongDC++ helpful when it comes to downloading files. On the flip side, many others will find this program’s interface confusing, since Strong DC++ includes various customization settings that can be overwhelming.

The one feature that makes Strong DC++ stand out from other file sharing programs is its ability to download files from more than one user simultaneously. Anyone who’s ever attempted to download a file from various users will find DC++ immensely useful. Simultaneous downloading increases download speed by miles, which is one excellent reason to use this program. In addition, Strong DC++ allows users to share files partially. Partial sharing involves downloading and uploading various file segments that are being uploaded or downloaded by other users. A “speed limiter” makes it possible to limit download speed, which, in turn, allows for faster web browsing while downloading.

As with many other download programs, Strong DC++ includes various user preference settings. Emoticons, help balloons, icons, scheme, skin color, and sounds can all be altered. The main drawback to Strong DC++ is that this program can cause a system to crash when too many files are being downloaded at once. While frustrating, users can avoid this problem by limiting downloads. Since DC++ does have many appealing features, this program does deserve a chance by anyone looking for a strong download program.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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